About Me


Who am I ?

My name is Stefan and I am Barnsley born and bred. I have been a benefits adviser for around 10 years. Following redundancy from a local charity I could have moved on to something else, but its very rewarding when you can help someone understand the benefits system and how it works, and I wanted to carry on helping people.

There are a lot of people in Barnsley with long term illnesses or disabilities and yet, locally and nationally, benefits advice services are being cut. Through no fault of their own, advice services in Barnsley are struggling to cope with the amount of people using their services. Try to get help to fill in a form or a home visit and you will realise how streatched they all are.

My aim is to help local people who are struggling with the benefits system, particularly all the paperwork involved, where it is most conveinient for them, in their own home.